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Review: More Brain Training

Score: 91

Now, it's no secret that we didn't really get on with the original Brain Training. It had too many glitches and seemed too limited beyond the initial novelty factor. But, unlike most movie sequels, this title just got an awful lot better.

More Brain Training has exactly the same premise as the original, of course, aiming to give you a few brain-stimulating mental exercises every day (because, after all, the developers just know you're going to be sitting on the couch all day watching TV otherwise....! Hey, some of us use our brains in our work, you know?)

More Brain Training

All the interface glitches from the original have been fixed and tidied and there's more polish at every turn. The graphics are still bare bones, but clarity is the main thing here.

Screen shot

Although the opening menu's the same, there are plenty of new brain exercises to try and unlock, from Word Blend, in which you try to recognise two or three spoken words played at the same time, to Memorize 5x5, in which you have to remember the positions of as many grid numbers as possible, to Masterpiece Recital, in which you match up keyboard and stave notes.

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Screen shot

The difficulty levels are pitched just right and the new games/exercises make all the difference - More Brain Training is sooooo much 'more'. Which is also borne out by the multi-player modes. With a single cartridge there are now four games to share and play, plus a new picture interpretation game that's going to be a big hit at any party where there are multiple DS consoles.

Brain Training was an interesting idea, but flawed and limited. The sequel is near enough perfect - highly recommended for anyone, from 8 to 80.

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