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I'm a huge Amazon fan. Mainly because the prices are the cheapest, the service/returns policy is the best. And through the magic of 'affiliates', you can now browse and buy just the smartphone and tech kit you need on Amazon right here. Although the kit won't cost you a penny more, a few pennies do go to this site, to help keep the wheels turning and the Phones Show on the air. Thanks in advance!

Note that if you want to buy stuff other than these bargains, you'll find it easiest to just use this link through to the main Amazon site, so that your searches will work across all products!

Here then are my current Top Bargains and Tech Picks, as at December 2016 - take your pick!

  1. ROCKJAW Hydra V2 in-ear headphones - smartphone friendly and incredible frequency response - guide price 25 UKP
    Hydra V2
  2. EC Emergency 5200mAh charger, rechargeable torch and seat belt cutter - all in one perfect-for-the-car gadget! Highly recommended. Guide price 16 UKP UNAVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT ON AMAZON [later] now located on eBay, if you want to try there instead!
    EC Torch
  3. Veho 360 Water Resistant Sports Earphone - although not advertised as hi-fi quality, these are tremendous. OK, they need two hands free to 'fit', but they stay in place and have a full 1cm speaker driver. Terrific bass! Guide price 25 UKP.
  4. Lumsing Glory P2 Plus - powerful, flexible and future proof! 20,000mAh, dual charging, triple output, Type C and microUSB, the works - guide price 25 UKP

    P2 Plus
  5. Ultra-cheap, ultra colourful folding smartphone stand
  6. Veho T2 laptop bag - impressive all round padding for laptop, travel essentials (shirt, toiletries etc.) and all manner of gadgets, with pockets and slots and so on. And it converts into a backback in seconds, with padded shoulder straps. Guide price 25 UKP.
    T2 bag
  7. Tronsmart Dual 36W USB charger - the current ultimate (humble) wall-to-USB charger. Not just one port but two, and - crucially - both are Quick Charge 3.0 and a full 3A at 5V, i.e. USB Power Delivery spec. Very capable and good value. Guide price under 20 UKP
    Dual charger
  8. Lumsing A2 multi-format 10,000mAh power bank - another super-flexible power bank, with microUSB and Type C input, and USB-A and Type C output. i.e. whichever cable formats you use, you're covered in various ways. Guide price 23 UKP.
    Lumsing power bank